Yaan’s copolymer gloves has been sold worldwide around 30 years, we are qualified by ISO 13485 and CE 2460. Due to the gloves on paper technology, the seam strength is better than the similar type of products like PE gloves without paper.


Yaan’s gloves are sterilized by Gamma Ray, fully adequate for many nursing activities and examinations, ex: dialysis, intubation, Gynecology clinics, skin examination. Due to the outstanding physical property and easy donning, medical staff can wear Yaan’s copolymer gloves to do a quickly examination without take out their latex our vinyl gloves and also reduce the cost, especially for the purpose to use the sterile items.


The copolymer gloves are powder free, DOP free and contain no latex protein. It is valued because latex protein cause a large majority of people to suffer from skin allergies and will provoke the onset of asthma and heart diseases in a proportion of users. The copolymer gloves can be wore under latex gloves to prevent allergy problem.


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ISO 13485



CE 2460

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